Spectral CT Phantom

For testing multi-energy or photo-counting CT protocols and post processing techniques


  • D100 compatible
  • Modular phantom for multi-energy or photon-counting setups, for QA and studies
  • Ideal for material characterization and quantification of tissue-equivalent materials
  • Provide different lesions for spectral CT
  • Ca++ and iodine rods


The Spectral CT Phantom can be used to test different types of CT modalities with dual-energy, multi-energy or photon-counting setups.

The 100 mm cylinder contains 4 holes of 20 mm diameter to house different test rods of solid tissue equivalent materials as well as fillable rods that can be used with water or contrast media.

The phantom includes a set of different solid rods of Iodine, Ca-hydroxyapatite, water and soft tissue-equivalents, such as adipose, muscle, bone, and lung. Mass density, electron density and effective atomic number are provided for each material.

Spectral CT Phantom, QRM-10139

Spectral CT Phantom II, QRM-10147

  • Ring 160 (Ctwater, D160 mm, H100, bore20)
  • Ring 320 (CTwater, D320 mm, H100, bore 20))
  • Additional Rods (tissue equi. ICRU 44/46, Iodine, CaHa)
  • Tubes (filable rods)
  • Cylinder (CTwater, D100 mm, 8 holes)
  • Abdomen (200 mm x 300 mm, H100)


Diameter: 100 mm
Length: 103 mm
Weight: 1.0 kg
Rod diameter: 20 mm
Rod length: 103 mm
Water equivalent cylinder with 4 bores  
4 plugs CTWater(0 HU @ 70 - 150 kV)  
12 test rods:  
  adipose tissue (ICRU 44)
  muscle tissue (ICRU 44)
  lung tissue (ICRU 44)
  liver tissue (ICRU 44)
  4 different Iodine rods (CTIodine) 2, 5, 10 and 15 mg I/cm³
  4 different Ca-HA rods (Bone) 100, 200, 400 and 800 mg HA/cm³
  2 fillable rods/tubes

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Spectral-CT Phantom ( 2 MB )
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