Abdomen Phantom

For testing the influence of scan parameters in CT



The phantom can be used as (semi-)anthropomorphic surrounding for several standard imaging inserts. It comprises a spine insert and fixed liver and spleen inserts providing the appropriate CT values of real tissue. All organs are embedded in soft tissue-equivalent material. The plastics of this phantom mimic human tissues with respect to the density and X-ray attenuation characteristics of a human abdomen.

There are multiple standard cylinders (D100) for image quality purposes available (see options section).

Customizable: The phantom can be manufactured with exchangeable/removable liver and spleen inserts.

  • Abdomen Phantom, QRM-20118
  • Dosimetry version
    • QRM-40105: Abdomen Dosimetry Phantom
  • Inserts:
    • QRM-10108: Tissue Insert (plain plug for closing the D100 hole)
    • QRM-10112: 2D Low-Contrast Phantom
    • QRM-10100: 2D Medium-Contrast Phantom
    • QRM-10109: 3D Low-Contrast Phantom (-10HU contrast)
    • QRM-10110: 3D Low-Contrast Phantom (-20HU contrast)
    • QRM-10101: 3D Spatial Resolution Phantom   
    • QRM-10140: HCR Phantom (high contrast resolution test pattern: 8-50 lp/cm)
    • QRM-10105: Wire Phantom (PSF/MTF)
    • QRM-10113: Water Tank Phantom
    • QRM-10107: Dual Energy Phantom V2
    • QRM-10123: Dual Energy Phantom V5
    • QRM-10139: Spectral CT Phantom
    • QRM-10147: Spectral CT Phantom II
    • QRM-10143: D100 insert 8 boreholes D20 CTWater (additional body with 8 CTWater plugs)
    • QRM-10146: Cardio Calcification Phantom
    • QRM-40106: Dose Insert
    • QRM-90110: Electron Density Phantom
  • Extension Rings:
    • QRM-20104: Extension Ring Tissue, M
    • QRM-20105: Extension Ring Tissue, L
    • QRM-20106: Extension Ring Tissue, XL
    • QRM-20107: Extension Ring Fat, M
    • QRM-20108: Extension Ring Fat, L
    • QRM-20109: Extension Ring Fat, XL


Weight: 3.2 kg
Dimensions: 200 mm x 300 mm
Height: 100 mm
Borehole diameter: 100 mm
Base material: soft tissue-equivalent (approx. 35 HU @ 120 kV)
Liver/Spleen: tissue-equivalent (approx. 55 HU @ 120 kV)
Spine: bone-like (corticalis / spongiosa)

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Anthropomorphic Abdomen Phantom ( 2 MB )
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