Oval Body Phantom

For testing the influence of scan parameters in CT


  • D100 compatible (houses all D100 Image Quality Phantoms)
  • Centrally placed 100 mm bore


The Oval Body Phantom is used as anthropomorphic surrounding for several standard imaging inserts.

The plastics used in this anthropomorphic phantom mimic human tissues with respect to density and X-ray attenuation characteristics of a human abdomen.
It consists of a standard bore hole with a 100 mm diameter into which multiple standard cylinders for image quality purposes can be inserted (please refer to the index "D100 compatible).

Oval Body Phantom, Tissue, QRM-20115

Oval Body Phantom, CTwater, QRM-20116


  • Inserts:

Plain Phantom
Wire MTF Phantom, resin, QRM-10104

Wire MTF Phantom, D100, QRM-10105

Wire MTF Phantom, air, QRM-10138
3D Low-Contrast Phantom (-10 HU, -20 HU), QRM-10109, QRM-10110
2D Low-Contrast Phantom, QRM-10112
2D Contrast Step Phantom
Cardio Calcification Phantom
Spatial ResolutionTest Phantom
Electron Density Phantom, QRM-90110
Dual Energy Phantom (V5, V2), QRM-10123, QRM-10107
Dosimetry Phantom
Water Tank Phantom, QRM-10113


Dimensions: 200 mm x 300 mm
Weight (total): 3200 g
Bore hole diameter: 100 mm
Height: 100 g
Tissue equivalent resin (approx. 35 HU @ 120 kV)

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Oval Phantom Body ( 1 MB )
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