Oval Body Phantom

For using as (semi-)anthropomorphic surrounding and testing the influence of scan parameters in CT/CBCT


The Oval Body Phantom is used as a (semi-)anthropomorphic surrounding for multiple D100 imaging inserts. 

The plastics used in this phantom mimic human tissues with respect to density and X-ray attenuation characteristics of a human abdomen. 

Oval Body Phantom, Tissue, QRM-20115
Oval Body Phantom, CTwater, QRM-20116


There are multiple standard cylinders for image quality purposes available. The following D100 Insert are available: Please have a look at the product section: D100 Insert Phantoms 


Further, there are extension rings available to mimic obese patients:

  • QRM-20104: Extension Ring Soft Tissue, M
  • QRM-20105: Extension Ring Soft Tissue, L
  • QRM-20106: Extension Ring Soft Tissue, XL
  • QRM-20107: Extension Ring Fat, M
  • QRM-20108: Extension Ring Fat, L
  • QRM-20109: Extension Ring Fat, XL


Dosimetry version with drilled holes according to CTDI-specifications for dosimetry purposes: 

Phantom dimensions: 200 mm x 300 mm
Phantom height: 103 g
Phantom weight: 2.6 kg
Diameter of borehole: 100 mm
Body material:  
QRM-20115 Soft tissue-equivalent (30 HU at 80-140 kV)*
QRM-20116 Water-equivalent (CTwater, 0 HU at 80-140 kV)*
*Accuracy ± 5 HU of specified values.

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Oval Phantom Body ( 1 MB )
QRM Phantoms for X-ray Imaging ( 5 MB )
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