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D100 Water Tank

QRM-Water-Tank provides the opportunity to evaluate noise and homogeneity in CT images. The water tank was designed to fit in the standard thorax and abdomen phantoms. It can be used as well to measure sample probes in water.

Order-number: QRM-Water-Tank

download product data sheet: QRM-Water-Tank

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The Phantom can be attached to the standard QRM-Thorax and QRM-Abdomen, but can as well be used as a stand alone phantom.
The QRM-Water-Tank can be filled with water and offers direct access to place smaller sample probes in the cylindrical unit.

It provides the ability to evaluate noise and homogeneity of a 3Dscan.

The phantom is as well part of our motion simulators: Sim4Dand Sim2D!


Cylinder: outer diameter: 100 mm
Cylinder wall thickness: 3.0 mm
Cylinder length: 108 mm
Phantom length: 228 mm
Phantom weight: 0.6 kg
Material: PMMA