Dual Energy CT Phantom

For CT quality assurance, scanner performance checks and evaluation of post-processing techniques


  • D100 compatible
  • Provides different virtual non-contrast lesions
  • Ca++ and iodine inclusions of different size and density


Dual Energy in CT is used to distinguish between different tissues on CT images: Some lesions can be detected as equal to the surrounding material at one energy whereas a contrast is visible using different energies.

The Dual Energy Phantoms V2, V5 are perfect tools for testing the CT scanner performance as well as for the evaluation of different post processing CT techniques.

Moreover, the Dual Energy CT Phantom fits into the Thorax, Abdomen and Head Phantom.

Dual Energy Phantom V2, QRM-10107

Dual Energy Phantom V5, QRM-10123

  • Thorax Phantom, QRM-20100
  • Abdomen Phantom, QRM-20118
  • Head Phantom
  • Extension Rings


Diameter: 100 mm
Length: 100 mm
Weight: 0.9 kg
Material: CTwater (0 HU at 80 - 140 kV)
CTiodine (solid iodine)
CaHA (Ca++)
Cylindrical inserts:  
  8 lesions x 10 mm
  8 lesions x 5 mm
  1 calibration cylinder 25 mm
CT-values (HU) valid for 120 kV (± 5 HU):  
  Phantom body 0 HU at 80 - 140 kV
  Calibration cylinder 0 HU at 80 - 140 kV
Layer A:  
  Ca++ (200, 400, 600) HU
  Iodine (200, 400, 600) HU
Layer B:  
  Half cylinder: Ca++ (200, 400, 600) HU, Iodine (200, 400, 600) HU
Full cylinder: Iodine (25, 50, 100) HU
Layer C: Ca++ (-140, -140) HU
  Ca++ and Iodine (0 HU, 0 HU)

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Dual Energy Phantom V5 ( 2 MB )
Dual Energy Phantom V2 ( 2 MB )
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