Extension Rings

For simulation of adipose patients in combination with the Thorax, Cardio, Abdomen or Liver Phantom


  • To simulate obesity of patients
  • Extends standard phantoms
  • Available in soft tissue-, fat- or water-equivalent
  • Dosimetry option with available


Obese Extention Rings are used for testing the influence of higher attenuation on image quality in CT or 3D imaging techniques due to increased abdominal or chest girth. The Extension Rings can be used in combination with the following standard phantoms: Thorax, Cardio, Abdomen and Liver.

The Extension Rings are basically produced of tissue-equivalent material (valid for 120 kVp). Optionally, fat- or water-equivalent material (valid for 80 - 140 kVp) can be used. Other materials with specified CT-numbers (HU) are also available upon request. A dosimetry version of the Extension Rings with drilled holes for dosimetry purposes is available.

Extension Ring Tissue, M,QRM-20104

Extension Ring Tissue, L, QRM-20105

Extension Ring Tissue, XL, QRM-20106

Extension Ring Fat, M,QRM-20107

Extension Ring Fat, L, QRM-20108

Extension Ring Fat, XL,QRM-20109


  • Thorax Phantom, QRM-20100
  • Abdomen Phantom, QRM-20118
  • Oval Body Phantom, Tissue, QRM-20115
  • Oval Body Phantom, CTwater, QRM-20116



Inner dimensions: 300 mm x 200 mm
Height: 100 mm (other measures upon request)
Base material: tissue equivalent (120 kVp)
Extension Ring M: 350 mm x 250 mm
Extension Ring L: 400 mm x 300 mm
Extension Ring XL: 600 mm x 450 mm

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