Water Tank Phantom

For the evaluation of noise and homogeneity in CT images


  • D100 compatible
  • Measures noise and homogeneity
  • Sample probes can be placed directly into water


The Water Tank Phantom can be filled with water and allows to place smaller sample probes into the cylindrical unit.

It allows to evaluate noise and homogeneity of a 3D scan.

The phantom can be used as a stand-alone phantom or can be attached to the standard Thorax or Abdomen Phantom.

D100 Water Tank Phantom, QRM-10113

  • Thorax Phantom, QRM-20100
  • Abdomen Phantom, QRM-20118


Length: 228 mm
Weight: 0.6 kg
Material: PMMA
Outer diameter: 100 mm
Wall thickness: 3.0 mm
Length: 108 mm

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D100 Water Tank ( 2 MB )
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