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Anthropomorphic Thorax Phantom

The Thorax Phantom is suitable to use as an anthropomorphic surrounding for several standard imaging inserts for investigation of the influence of scan parameters in CT.

Order-number: QRM-Thorax

download product data sheet: QRM-Thorax

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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QRM-Thorax comprises artificial lung lopes, a spine insert, and shell of soft tissue equivalent material. The plastics used in this antropomorphic phantom mimic human tissues in the thorax with respect to density and X-ray attenuation characteristics of a human thorax.
It consists of a standard bore hole with diameter of 100 mm. Multiple standard cylinders for imag quality purposes are available. Please have a look at the product section: Image Quality and Dose.
The QRM-Thorax is also available with drilled holes according to CTDI-specifications for dosimetry purpose.


Phantom size: 300 x 200 x 100 mm
Phantom weight (total): 2740 g
Diameter of bore hole: 100 mm
Base material: tissue (resin), app. 35 HU at 120 kV
lung app. -800 HU at 120 kV