Thorax and Abdomen Dosimetry Phantom

Anthropomorphic phantoms for testing the influence of scan parameters in CT


The dosimetric version of the Thorax Phantom and the Abdomen Phantom comes with drilled holes according to CTDI specifications for dosimetry purposes.

Both phantoms are available as infant version for pedriatric applications.

Thorax Dosimetry Phantom, QRM-40104

Abdomen Dosimetry Phantom, QRM-40105


  • Thorax Phantom, QRM-20100
  • Pediatric Thorax Newborn, QRM-20120
  • Pediatric Thorax 1 year, QRM-20137
  • Pediatric Thorax 3 years, QRM-20138
  • Pediatric Thorax 6 years, QRM-20121
  • Pediatric Thorax 12 years, QRM-20123
  • Pediatric Thorax 15 years old, QRM-20139


  • Abdomen Phantom, QRM-20118
  • Pediatric Abdomen Newborn, QRM-20125
  • Pediatric Abdomen 1 year, QRM-20140
  • Pediatric Abdomen 3 years, QRM-20141
  • Pediatric Abdomen 6 years, QRM-20142
  • Pediatric Abdomen 12 years, QRM-20143
  • Pediatric Abdomen 15 years old, QRM-20144


Thorax Phantom
Abdomen Phantom
Pediatric Thorax Phantom
Pediatric Abdomen Phantom

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